This website is an independent project, it is an ongoing endeavour. Although I have been reading 4 years, the essay was started in April 2019. The project currently consists of a 100% original 53k word essay including 19 original works of digital art. This website or essay is directly connected to and developed in tandem with the digital art website https://temporalartist.com. The essay is on the forgiveness of all sins real or imaginable with time and relativity, criminal time travel, crime travel or crime time. The theory as a whole is called crime travel or crime time, while the essay is titled time for forgiveness. To take Charles Darwin as an example, descent with modification through natural selection (or evolution) is a theory which can be summed up in a few sentences or a paragraph. While On the Origin of Species is just a book with many examples and proofs of Charles Darwin’s theory. Although, the theory is contained in On the Origin of Species, the book itself is not the actual theory. The theory is something much more, it is everywhere and in our minds. Similarly, crime travel or crime time is a theory, while the time for forgiveness is just an essay. However, please note the theory belongs to Albert Einstein. I read everyday and write (theorise) maybe once a week or fortnight, that is, when I am feeling inspired by what I have learned from my reading and not suffering from writers block. I have read 131 books in my life, 112 since August 2016, all in some way connected to this essay (see Bibliography in menu). Although I try to read books that are directly or specifically related to this essay, that is not always possible. Therefore, I do not quote directly very much, it is more of a case that I write from my overall understanding and learning from what I have read over 4 years. The essay takes about 4-5 hours to read. If you think you need forgiveness I believe the essay can help. If you want to quickly see all 19 works of art click on Posts in the menu. If you want to read the essay, click on Essay in the menu.